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Architectural Drafting

CADD Services Architectural DraftingArchitectural drafting has grown up. It is no longer a depiction of four walls and furniture traced from a plastic template.

Architectural drafting can now show interiors in full-blown 3-D. It can show exterior landscaping at specific times of the day. Even specific days of the year. It can keep track of every window, door, light fixture and table and deliver up-to-the-minute take-offs every time you make a change. It can show cross-sections and elevations at any point in a structure, no matter whether it is a single room or an elaborate office building.

We use Revit Architecture to build virtual structures that are accurate in all details. Details can be very "coarse." Buildings can be represented simply as solid exteriors and used to show how groups of buildings relate to each other. Building groups can be rectangular shapes common at mine sites or they they can be entire office building street scenes.

Conversely, details can be very "fine", even down to specific makes and models of lavatory faucets. Want to see how an interior wall will look with a different wall color and fluorescent lights? Not a problem. Want to raise a ceiling, lower a light, and add a granite surface to a reception desk? Not a problem.

If the possibilities are not infinite, they are immeasurably close.